Landesgeschichtliches Informationssystem Hessen

Lexica and Dictionaries

  • Historical Gazetteer

    The Historical Gazetteer offers basic and concise information on all extant cities, towns, abandoned settlements, districts, farms, castles, mills and industrial settlements with independent names in Hesse. For general orientation and the easier localization of extant and abandoned places each entry is linked to a map of Hesse and a digital corpus of maps by the Hessian State Office of Land Management and Geological Information (German acronym: HLBG) in Wiebaden. » Search the database (Simple Search)

  • Hessian Biography

    The module on Hessian Biography is based on the co-operation of the Institut für Personengeschichte in Bensheim and the State Office for Regional History of Hesse, in Marburg. This co-operation aims to create an extensive biographical documentation of the state of Hesse. » Search the database (Simple Search)

  • The Book of Field Names of South Hessen

    The Book of Field Names of South Hessen (German acronym: SHFB) makes available all of the field names of the 369 Hessian districts south of the Main. And all in all it therefore contains a region of nearly 3,000 square kilometres. The book conveys the remarkable wealth of current and historic field names, collected by different projects between the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s. » Search the database (Simple Search)

  • Hessian Fieldnames

    This module contains about 790,000 records on more than 180,000 field names in all of Hesse. They were collected, edited and prepared by the Archive of Hessian Fieldnames in Gießen. » Search the database (Simple Search)

  • Dictionary of Hessen-Nassau

    The Dictionary of Hessen-Nassau contains the dialects spoken in the former Prussian province of Hessen-Nassau, the province of Hessen-Darmstadt of Oberhessen, the principality (later the Free State) of Waldeck, the Rhenish county Wetzlar and the Westphalian county Wittgenstein. The language geography comprised here includes the regional dialects of Low Hessian, Middle- and East Hessian, as well as some Westphalian, Eastphalian, Thuringian, East-Frankonian, Rhine-Franconian, and Mosel-Franconian. » Search the database (Simple Search)

  • South Hessian Dictionary

    Südhessisches Wörterbuch [description follows]. » Search the database (Simple Search)

  • Medieval Latin Glossary

    The Medieval Latin Dictionary is based on the long-time study of medieval sources by Professor Dr. Hans Heinrich Kaminsky of Gießen University. It comprises approx. 14,000 handwritten file cards made accessible for use in LAGIS by simple search and browsing („Lemmata“) access methods. » Search the database (Simple Search)